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Duty Free is the term that is often used to describe goods bought at ports and airports that do not attract the usual government taxes and customs duties. Duty Free is a term used to describe goods that are sold without the addition of taxes or duties. Duty Free is also distinct (not legally, but as far as you're concerned) from VAT tax refunds.

Duty Free is the fun part of International travel, but restrictions do apply. Buying it in Duty Free is generally cheaper than buying at a market. Duty free is for international flights, because you are between territories. Duty free is offered during the flight.

Established in 1983, Dubai Duty Free is one of the top airport retail operations in the world. Dubai Duty Free is now the second largest dutyfree location after London Heathrow with annual sales of more than $2billion. Duty free is much cheaper in Bahrain than other countries. EgyptAir duty free is one of duty free's most dynamic and pioneer in the region. Duty Free is cheaper in New Zealand than Australia.

Historically dominated by liquor, tobacco and fragrances, duty free shopping has emerged as the global home of a wide variety of premium luxury goods. The reason: Britain has taxes on liquor and tobacco that are among the highest in the European Union. You must be 18 years old to purchase liquor/tobacco. There are some special restrictions on tobacco and alcohol. When importing tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, duty free import is limited:. Up to 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes and 400 grams (14 ounces ) tobacco may be allowed entry duty free. Is it true you cannot take any cigarettes or tobacco into Sri Lanka.

Alcohol and tobacco are cheaper in duty-free stores than in British liquor stores, but they are more expensive than in Continental Europe. While duty could amount to as much as 75 percent of the price of alcohol and cigarettes, the duty-free shops did not reduce their prices accordingly. European alcohol and cigarettes in UK may soon be made duty free, if bought over the Internet. Because the duties on alcohol and tobacco are typically steep wherever you go, shopping for these goods duty-free usually means significant savings. Now, European legislation means that you are only able to buy alcohol and tobacco at Duty Free prices when you travel OUTSIDE the European Union (EU). European government is planning to end duty on alcohol imports, which may allow UK consumer to purchase duty-free alcohol and cigarettes on the internet. US citizens over age 21 are allowed 2 litres of alcohol duty-free.

I like a lot of the shops but I think Duty Free is the best, simply because it has a vast range of everything. Duty free is the name of the game here. Duty free is pretty cheap. We think the fastest growing region in the world for Duty Free is the Middle East and we think that's very good.